Supercharging your Site Selection: CARTO Reveal's latest release


This post may describe functionality for an old version of CARTO. Find out about the latest and cloud-native version here.
Supercharging your Site Selection: CARTO Reveal's latest release

Today we announce the latest release of our Reveal solution  an application for Retailers and Real Estate firms to drive smarter location decisions for their site footprints.

Over the past few years  we've seen many different types of organizations using our platform in different ways  ranging from logistics optimization  to sales territory management or even geomarketing. However  one of the most common applications of Location Intelligence across CARTO has been Site Planning and Monitoring  with a growing number of Retail and Real Estate firms turning to geospatial analytics and data to make smarter decisions on where to expand  close or consolidate.

Across the industry  some have called it the "retail apocalypse"  but the data shows that so far in 2019  US retailers have announced some 1 674 store closures and 1 380 store openings - confirming a clear shift in the Retail ecosystem  rather than a total demise. Whether it's the pressure to compete with e-commerce giants or consumer demand for a better omnichannel experience - the number of business decisions requiring additional spatial context continues to grow.




We've also noticed that different stakeholders in these decisions have a wide range of requirements:

  • Expansion Managers are increasingly interested in using more third party data streams (such as Mastercard transaction data or Vodafone foot traffic data) - but don't have the time to speak to a wide range of vendors to evaluate their data in the context of their Site Selection challenge.
  • Data Science teams are typically small and under resourced with limited experience working with spatial data. To save time they appreciate having access to productized analyses and consistently aggregated data streams  but they still want the flexibility of an LI platform rather than a rigid pre-packaged Site Planning solution.
  • Executive decision makers have commented that their GIS and BI teams are often small  and can become a bottleneck. They need faster access to location insight through PDF reports from their Location Intelligence solutions.

All of this feedback inspired us to take our Reveal solution to the next level  improving the user experience to provide faster and higher quality insights across organizations that want to become more spatially savvy  whilst at the same time using new platform developments such as CARTO VL and Airship to the maximum.

Reveal Demo


Already used by clients such as Globalia and Vodafone  Reveal allows organizations to bring together their internal data on store performance with external always-on data streams  such as human mobility  transaction data and real estate metrics.

 Want to find out more about the latest version of Reveal? Check out our launch webinar