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Data Driven Marketing with CARTO for OOH Advertising

The global pandemic had a huge impact on outdoor media, with ad revenues dropping an estimated 29% during 2020, according to the Out of Home Advertising Association of America.

As Covid-19 restrictions relaxed in the latter half of 2021, consumers across the globe began to hit the streets again, looking for some much-needed retail therapy. As footfall increased, so did advertiser investment in Out-of-Home media.

Today, Outdoor Advertising is undergoing a resurgence with ad spend increasing 38% in the last quarter of 2021. Major brands have returned with high impact campaigns in flagship locations, capitalizing on the return to near-normal pedestrian levels and shopping center visitor numbers.

Netflix clad a Madrid subway station with gold bullion bars to promote their series “Money Heist”, and also installed 200 fake surveillance cameras to launch the “Insiders” reality show.

Photograph showing Netflix OOH installation - Source: Vida de Madrid
Source: Vida de Madrid

In London, meanwhile, McDonalds installed a walkthrough billboard restaurant, a first for the outdoor advertising industry. The dual purpose advertisement billboard brought the restaurant to consumers, at the very point of first contact.

With brands pushing the limits of creativity and an influx of investment in street level campaigns, outdoor media owners and planners need easy access to audience data and spatial analytics to ensure plans are fully aligned to audience targeting criteria, and give the advertiser that all important return on campaign investment.

Introducing CARTO for OOH Advertising

Today we announce the availability of CARTO for OOH Advertising, an exciting new solution for outdoor media owners, planners and advertising agencies. This application, developed specifically for outdoor media campaign planning, combines data, spatial analytics, map visualization and media planning features so outdoor advertising specialists can base their strategies on real consumer insights, rather than intuition.

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CARTO has a strong pedigree in this area, and we work with some of the world’s leading players in the field, including Havas Media, Novus Media, Clear Channel, Initiative, and Posterscope. Our solutions enable a truly data-driven approach for these outdoor media companies, not only to optimize campaign targeting and streamline the media planning process, but also to surface unique audience insights and inventory metrics that today’s advertisers demand.

An integrated spatial application for OOH

At the heart of CARTO for OOH Advertising is data. The application ingests information on all available outdoor assets, digital and traditional, and enriches this inventory with key demographic, human mobility, brand affinity, and point of interest data. This gives the media planner complete flexibility to explore and segment outdoor assets based on the target audience profile, proximity and billboard type. Dynamic map visualizations can be generated on-the-fly and media plans created, amended and shared in just a few clicks.

Interactive components let the user filter and adjust target “areas of influence” to really focus on the most optimal outdoor assets for campaign activation.

In addition, rich audience data gives complete flexibility to create custom audiences based on demographics, interests and brand affinity scores. The solution also includes datastreams to calculate campaign coverage, giving advertisers unprecedented insight into the reach of a campaign, before it is even deployed.

CARTO for OOH Advertising comes with all of these unique functionalities out-of-the-box, yet flexible enough to be fully customized based on the customers specific requirements.

To support the launch of CARTO for OOH Advertising, we are hosting a webinar on February 24th, where the CARTO team will walk through the solution in depth, and outline how outdoor media companies are using this innovative development to optimize their approach to OOH media campaign planning and activation.

map from Carto

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EU Flag This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 960401.
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